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    We will be upgrading the forum's back-end software today at approximately 3:05PM ET 21-Feb (Tue). The forums will be unavailable for a few minutes during the upgrade.

    As always, after the update to the latest version is completed, it may be a little bit for forum info to rebuild so, if navigation and features are a bit wonky at first, just give it a little time. If, however, you experience any issues a couple hours or more later or think something doesn't look right, please let us know here and please provide us with as much detail as possible (e.g., what you were doing, exact error message(s), your operating system, internet browser, etc.). Cheers! Lisa


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      We will be updating the forum's back-end software tomorrow (6 Apr 2017) at approx. 2:35 PM ET. The forums will be unavailable during the upgrade and things might look wonky for a bit afterwards, but it shouldn't last for more than a few minutes. If you continue to experience any issues an hour or more later or find something doesn't look right, please let us know and provide us with as much detail as possible.

      Cheers! Lisa


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        We will be updating the forum skin today to echo that of the main site so, apologies in advance for any formatting glitches you may encounter while this is underway (as we will not be taking the forums offline during the update). Cheers! Lisa

        *UPDATES* We're pretty much done with the major part of the forum re-skin, but will be tweaking things as time permits. If you note any formatting issues (e.g., suddenly cannot read text in an area of the forums, etc.), please let us know.


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          We are aware there is an issue accessing topics located on the Tour Talk forum and are working to resolve it. Please check back later. Thanks, in advance, for your patience. L


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            Thanks, again, for your patience as we work to resolve recent navigation issues on the forums. You may have noticed you've been able again to access Tour Talk forum topics, but down-thread and cross-topic links (such as those used on the forum Index topics) across all forums are still not resolving properly. While we continue to work on the issue, please browse or use the forum's search function to find topics for which you're looking. Sorry for the inconvenience! Cheers! L


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              OK, everything should be back to working properly now. As always, let us know if you experience any issues. Cheers! Lisa


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                *UPDATED address*

                While there has never been an official announcement with respect to a fan mail address, fans may send mail/packages to David's attention care of the address below. Please understand there may be no confirmation indicating that David has received what is sent and there is no guarantee you will get a response, etc. (this information has also been updated by me in the forum's FAQ).

                ATTN: DAVID COOK
                c/o Analog Heart Music
                21255 Burbank Blvd, Ste 320
                Woodland Hills, CA 91367