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Hello! My name's Lisa, and I'm a fellow David Cook fan who also acts as developer and administrator (since 2012) and moderator (since 2008) for the David Cook Official website and forums. As such, I get a lot of private messages and often it's the same questions so, I thought to share a few answers here. I'm not an employee of David Cook, his management, any record label, nor of any other related entity. I'm a fan who, after having been approached first by his record label back in 2008, have and continue to dedicate some of my free time on a volunteer basis to help ensure the success of the DCO online community. I'm happy to do this, along with other support efforts (e.g., David Cook News/Info on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram) for fans and in behalf of David Cook. No, I can't give you any "scoop" – please know that if/when I am able to share anything with fellow fans, I do/will and if I haven’t, then it’s for a reason – either I don’t know, or cannot say. I'm sorry, but I can't get you backstage passes, autographed items, arrange for you (or whomever) to meet David Cook, ask David to give you a birthday (or any other kind of) shout-out, get David to appear at or donate to your worthy charitable endeavors, etc. I do not take suggestions on where David should tour, and I do not accept, ask for, nor give out personal information. I also do not take/convey messages, gifts, etc. for David Cook; such items may be sent to his attention c/o Analog Heart Music, 6320 Canoga Ave, Ste 1300, Woodland Hills, CA 91367 (please understand there may be no confirmation indicating that David has received what is sent and there is no guarantee you will get a response, etc.). Also, please know that I have a husband, a full-time job, family and friends, and a life outside of my responsibilities here; so, if I may not respond as quickly as you might like, I hope you will show some patience and understanding. :) Opinions that may be stated by me on these forums or on any David Cook News/Info property, unless otherwise indicated, are my own. Cheers!
I'm right here!
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(OPD: 12 Sep 2008) It's about the music ... and more. I'm a fan because David Cook is an undeniably gifted vocalist, an incredible performer and talented songwriter, producer, musician and artist, whose original music is often brave, raw, emotional and truthful ... beautiful and exhilarating. David's voice is what grabbed me first, its timbre and his ability to modify it instinctively to create a mood, his seemingly effortless control, his range, versatility, unique phrasing and remarkable interpretation. David has that rare ability as an artist to draw nuance of meaning from the lyric with apparent ease and invest genuine emotion and conviction into any lyric - drawing in and holding the listener, allowing us to truly experience a song through him and with him. And my admiration and respect only grew, as I discovered David's brilliance as an arranger, then as a songwriter, etc. Now, if that weren't enough, I've also witnessed countless examples, through his music and his actions, of his intelligence and thoughtfulness, his humbleness and kindness, his generosity, his respect for others, his waggishness and sense of humor, his integrity, his genuineness, and glimpses into what I suspect is a very great heart. To champion David Cook and his music is a no-brainer. I have not been this excited about a new artist in a very long time, if ever. That David Cook seems to have remained true to himself and has touched and inspired so many through his music and his actions is no surprise to this or to any other David Cook fan; I suspect he will continue to do so for many, many years to come. I am very much looking forward to what comes next as he continues to progress as an artist. I am a fan for life.
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